Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ebay Selling Time Travel

Few days ago I heard local radio station talking about John Titor, I heard that John Titor is a time traveler, I try to open his site, but I guess his site is dead... So I just try to google about time travel... And then I found some ads on google, and with a link to

time travel on ebay Can you see how great ebay is? you can even buy time travel from ebay hahahaha... I'm so curious about it, and then I try to try same keyword on amazon store. And then I found some Time Machine, this world must be crazy, I read time travel on wiki, and sounds possible, I believe about time travel, and sometime I could say that dejavu is small part of time travel...

I always curious about time travel, Do you believe about time travel? and many people always ask like this...
"If you can go back to your past, what would you do?"
Well if its a destiny, you can't change it... There is nothing you can do with destiny, and at this time, I just want to change my life to get better future...



I love your Blog. This Time Travel Ad is too funny. :-)

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