Saturday, July 4, 2009

Make Money By Selling Item On Ebay

Okay, this time I try to make money by selling item's on ebay, this is my first time selling on ebay, before I always spending money to buy stuff from ebay, but this time I want to make money from Ebay, I know is sound weird that mxyzplk is selling a handbag on ebay hahahaha...

But I guess that is what I have from my mom and my girl friend, I decide to sell unique item's from my country, well I hope I have a good luck with this selling, I'm not good to learn, my best teacher is my experience, so I want to get some experience for selling in eBay. So wanna check the item that I sell on ebay? check it out.

Handmade Hobo Tote HandbagRed Maroon Straw Handmade Hobo Tote Handbag
Main color for this handbag is red maroon, with strong straw handmade, and flower accessories.
Starting Bid : $19.99

Green Straw Handmade BagGreen Straw Handmade Purse Tote Handbag
Main color for this handbag is green, with strong straw handmade, and flower accessories.
Starting Bid : $19.99

Brown Hobo Tote HandbagBrown Straw Handmade Purse Tote Handbag
Main color for this handbag is Brown, with strong straw handmade, and flower accessories.
Starting Bid : $19.99

Black Purse Tote HandbagNew Without Tags Black Purse Tote Handbag
Well its hard for me to describe this handbag, This is the best Item that I have.
Starting Bid : $29.99

I hope got a bid on this selling items, all of the items are free shipping, I guess you should bid before its too late.



Ryan! I've never tried selling stuff on ebay, dunno how he he! :)


well, why don't you try to spend first :D
first time I was a money spender on ebay, but now I have to get what I have spent...

and I also could learn from what I spent :)


Thanks for the offer. I'll check this out later. Although I must admit, I haven;t tried buying anything from Ebay yet.



wakh...keren nih...cara nyari uangnya...salam kenal kang aku dateng dari tempat kang abibakar....keren buanget nih...aku jadi belajar..makasih ya kang

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