Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Voice Changing Telephone

Voice Changer
Changing Telephone - High + Low Pitch Voice. Easy to use and install voice changing telephone for the perfect way to make your voice unrecognizable to anybody on the other end. With the flip of the switch, you can choose a high pitched voice, a low pitched voice, or no modulation at all. All you need is a standard land line connection to plug this phone in, and the fun can begin.

- Voice Modulation Switch:
High Pitch
Low Pitch
- Keys
0~ 9 Numbers
* and # Keys
- Standard Wired Phone Installation
- Back Brace for Wall Mounting
- Power Source: Direct From Telephone Line
- Dimensions: Closed 155mm x 55mm x 60mm (L x W x D)

Its only $30
with $5 for shipping using airmail. My first product.. I hope you like it..



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Great Blog!Your blog is very good and knowledge giving.Whenever I came accross to your blog ,Every time I find something new.I will keep visiting it.


Great tool! I like the voice manipulation tool. i had really happy ours with it calling my parents and friends. :-)

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